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Character: Lumiere
Series: Beauty and the Beast
Version: Before meeting Maurice
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Like many of the Beast’s servants, Lumiere’s appearance is rather unusual to say the least. After the enchantment placed on his master’s castle he was transformed into a golden three-branched candelabrum or candlestick. He carries two small candles on his outer arms, both of which serve loosely as hands, and a tall white candle on his middle branch that is his head. All three candles are almost always lit but of the set the middle candle is the most important. The only resemblance of his once human form, his face, is found on this candle. From his heavy brows and large alluring eyes to his pointed nose and pearly white teeth, it is all there, carefully sculpted out of wax. A melted clomp of wax can also be found at the top of his head which mimics the bangs he once had when he had been human. In addition, Lumiere’s body also appears to follow a flower theme with its engraved flower petal base and soldered bands of leafs around his outer ‘wrists’.

Personality: Lumiere is kind-hearted and notably more hospitable toward others then his counterpart. While Cogsworth would only offer a glass of water and crust of bread, Lumiere would propose a full course meal and cabaret if only to make their guest feel more comfortable. However, by being so generous to guests his often rebellious side also shows through. In order to please others, including himself, he has a distinct habit of disobeying his master's orders. An example of this is shown when he allows Maurice into the castle and begins to serve him when he distinctly knows his master is against it. Another problem with this is Lumiere’s tendency to think big and go above and beyond the ordinary. If he is to disobey his master, it is more likely than not in an ample then subordinate fashion. That is not to say however that such sizeable idea’s of his are used strictly in order to betray the beast. He also uses them in Beast’s favour such as when given with the task to find an appropriate present for Belle. When a wearisome clock would suggest something as boring as flowers or chocolates Lumiere would find it absolutely absurd when Beast could offer her something bigger and truly special such as the castle library. He is rather patient (required in order to deal with Beast) and willing to let things take their course. However, if he deems it necessary, he has no problem giving things a little push in the right direction. More often than not he is forced to coax Beast into doing things such as invite Belle to dinner or offer her something. Lastly, and most notable of all, Lumiere is as a bit of a ladies' man. He is seen putting his charm to work on Babette the maid, Angelique the Castle Decorator, and even Belle. He knows he has gained a reputation in the castle of chasing skirts but, as far as he is concerned, it is all in good nature.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: As a candlestick, no one can deny, Lumiere certainly knows how to brighten up a room. As previously mentioned, all three candles he carries are almost always lit. With them he displays the distinct ability to control the fire which resides on them by summoning it at will alone. At one point he demonstrates he can even force it to the extreme of a creating a flame larger than himself when he rescuers Babette from one of the castle trespassers. Regardless of the fact they are consistently lit though, Lumiere’s candles fail to melt from the fire he can produce because of Disney Magic due to the enchantresses spell, but only his alone. With no bones to break, he can be dropped from significantly large heights without succumbing physical harm. If he is to face harm to his head however it is another story. And while his body is made of metal, he is by no means stiff. Lumiere illustrates the ability to bend his body with ease from his round base which allows him to move around to his outer candle holders that grant him to pick up small objects. Last, but not least, there is Lumiere’s ability to charm women. To him, words of love flow like water which alone can sometimes win him the affection of a girl than his caring nature and French accent.

Weaknesses: While being a candle stick physically has its few advantages it unfortunately comes with a long list of disadvantages as well. The most notable among these is his size. Lumiere may be an exceptionally good jumper, capable of leaping onto high table tops and windowsills on his own, but even then there are many things he still cannot reach. The fact that he is also missing legs tends to be just a tad problematic at times. Though he is certainly capable of hopping around from place to place, something that can be incredibly tiresome after awhile, he cannot move nearly as quickly as anyone with legs – Cogsworth the odd exception. But that dusty old clock has the habit of both toddling and waddling. With his most vital organ made of wax, that being his head, Lumiere’s greatest risk is melting. If he is subjected to intense heat such as that a torch it can be incredibly dangerous for him. As previously noted, Lumiere also has the habit to ignore his masters wishes (as well as others) in order to fulfil his own. This does cause him to get in a fair bit of trouble, as it would anyone who chose to rebel against the Beast.

History: Like his master, Lumiere had not always been plagued by the Enchantresses spell. He too had once been human and the castles very own maître d'. However he still played a heavy part in serving the prince and offering him his advice when needed (though usually ignored). As so many others, he also spoiled the young prince and granted him everything his heart desired. It was not until that one fateful night when an old beggar woman appeared at the castle door did he pay for his foolishness. In exchange for a rose, she asked the prince for a place to stay for the night in castle. Appalled by her horrid appearance, the prince turned her away. The beggar warned him not to be deceived by appearances and see the beauty within but, unknowingly, the prince turned her away again. It was then the beggar revealed herself to be a beautiful Enchantress. The prince begged for her forgiveness but it was too late. She has seen that there was no love in his heart; that he was selfish, unkind and incapable of looking beyond appearances to who a person truly was. As punishment she cast a powerful spell on the castle and all who lived there. The prince was transformed into a hideous beast while Lumiere and his fellow servants were turned into various objects around the castle. Some certainly lucked out more than others, capable of moving around freely while others remain bolted to a wall, but overall they all suffer the same loss of their humanity.

The castle a now dark and unwelcome place for others has left the servants almost purposeless without a soul to wait upon other than their master. For ten long years Lumiere has been left rusting and as he would describe ‘needing so much more than dusting’. Most days he can be found just lazing around the castle, trying to preserve what humanity he has left before he is permanently to remain a candelabrum for all time. There is still the slightest of chance that the spell may be broken however, given the requirements, it is hopeless. The only way for any of them to revert back to their true forms relies on the prince. If he can learn to love another and earn her love in return by his twenty first birthday the spell will be broken. But with slim fortuity of that ever occurring, Lumiere waits by his master’s side, watching their fate unfold before their eyes with each petal that drops from the Rose. The Rose is an enchanted rose that is to bloom until eve of the princes twenty-first birthday. If he cannot break the spell by the time the last petal falls their current forms will be permanent. It is not the prince alone who is at fault for the curse though. Lumiere admits that he too shoulders the blame for raising the prince the way he did but what chance did they have of changing him now? What good would it do? Was there anyone who could ever learn love a beast?
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